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Nick Wierckx


Nick Wierckx

Research Group Leader


+49 241 80 26649



Research group Wierckx focuses on the bio-based production of chemicals using microorganisms. Major research themes include metabolic engineering of bacteria and fungi, the development and application of synthetic biology tools and the systems analysis of microbial metabolism. Two major research lines focus on different microbial kingdoms:

  1. The engineering of Pseudomonas bacteria for the degradation of plastic waste and the production of aromatic chemicals.
  2. The use of unicellular Ustilago fungi for the degradation of lignocellulosic biomass and the production of organic acids.

The group is led by Dr. Nick Wierckx, who became an independent group leader at the iAMB upon receiving an Emmy Noether stipendium from the German Research Foundation in 2013.