Neue Publikation zum Thema: Inflection Point Hypothesis


Title: The Inflection Point Hypothesis: The Relationship between the Temperature Dependence of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reaction Rates and Microbial Growth Rates

Authors: Prentice, E.J., Hicks, J., Ballerstedt, H., Blank, L.M., Liáng, L.L., Schipper, L.A., Arcus, V.L., Biochemistry 2020

One exciting paper tackling the temperature dependence relationship between enzyme catalytic rates and the growth rates of the involved parent microbes has been published by the group of Vickery Arcus from Te Aka Ma̅tuatua, University of Waikato, New Zealand with Lars M. Blank and Hendrik Ballersted as co-authors.

It could be shown that the inflection point for the temperature dependence of individual metabolic enzymes coincides with the optimal growth temperature of the microbes, as to be expected. This Tinf is a strong selection parameter under fluctuating environmental conditions for the metabolic coordination of enzyme cascades/networks as if enzymatic rates become uncorrelated at characteristic temperatures regulatory chaos occurs and microbial growth rates decline radically.