Neue Publikation über Bioenergieumwandlung mit Kohlenstoff-Fang und -Nutzung


Wir freuen uns über die neue Publikation von Hendrik Mengers zusammen mit Nils Guntermann, Giancarlo Franciò,   Lars M. Blank und Walter Leitner. Dei Veröffentlichg in dem Journal Green Chemistry trägt den Titel: Bio-energy conversion with carbon capture and utilization (BECCU): Integrated biomass fermentation and chemo-catalytic CO2 hydrogenation for bioethanol and formic acid co-production.


We present an integrated process for in situ CO2 hydrogenation during bioethanol production combining bio- and chemo-catalysis. The biphasic catalytic system comprises an aqueous whole-cell fermentation broth and a tailored organometallic catalyst in an organic phase. Glucose is converted to ethanol and the by-product CO2 is simultaneously upgraded to formic acid in a single reactor unit. Under optimized conditions, 26% of the generated CO2 was hydrogenated directly.
Hendrik Mengers