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Peer reviewed Articles


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Oral Presentations


  • Panakova, M., Maassen, N., Zimmermann, M., Bölker, M., Klinner, U. (2009)
    Formation of itaconic acid by the fungus Ustilago maydis MB215
    Annual Conference of the VAAM 2009, Bochum, Germany



  • Förster J., Halbfeld C., Zimmermann M., Blank L. M. (2013)
    Insights into pathway localization in Pichia pastoris
    Yeast 2013, Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt a. M., Germany


  • Geiser, E., Panakova, M., Wierckx, N., Zimmermann, M., Blank, L.M. (2012)
    Xylan degradation and itaconic acid productionby Ustilago maydis
    5. TMFB International Workshop of the Cluster of Excellence “Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass”, Aachen, Germany
  • Förster J., Halbfeld C., Zimmermann M., Blank L. M. (2012)
    Improving recombinant protein production by Metabolic Engineering
    Applied Genomics in Industrial Fermentation, Wageningen, Netherlands


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    33rd Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, Seattle, USA (WA)
  • Geiser, E., Maassen, N., Zimmermann, M. and Blank, L.M. (2011)
    Identification of an endo-1,4-beta-xylanase in Ustilago maydis
    Molecular Biology of Fungi - 10th VAAM Symposium, Marburg, Germany
  • Panakova, M., Geiser, E., Maassen, N., Zimmermann, M. (2011)
    Genetically engineered Ustilago maydis and yeast strains
    The 4th TMFB International Workshop, Aachen, Germany


  • Panakova, M., Schumacher A., Maassen N., Zimmermann M., Bölker M., Klinner U. (2010)
    Fungus Ustilago maydis as a novel producer of itaconic acid - a platform chemical
    The 9th International Mycological Congress, Edinburgh, UK
  • Panakova, M., Maassen, N., Zimmermann, M., Bölker, M., Klinner, U. (2010)
    Higl-level production of itaconic acid by the fungus Ustilago maydis
    The 4th Conference on Physiology of Yeast and Filamentous Fungi, Rotterdam, Nederlands


  • Panakova, M., Maassen, N., Zimmermann, M., Klinner, U. (2009)
    High-level formation of itaconic acid by the fungus Ustilago maydis
    The 14th European Congress on Biotechnology, Barcelona, Spain