Till Tiso

Subgroup Leader

Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Mikrobiologie


Building: Sammelbau Biologie

Room: 42A 122

Worringer Weg 1

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 26649
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 622180


Dr. Tiso studied bioengineering at the TU Dortmund University and received his doctorate at the iAMB (RWTH Aachen University) in 2016. While he was able to gain knowledge in process engineering at the TU Dortmund University, he obtained knowledge about molecular biology techniques at the iAMB. After his doctorate, Mr. Tiso worked as a group leader at the iAMB. During this time, he conceived scientific projects in cooperation or independently, raised funds, coordinated the scientific work and supervised scientists and PhD students. In so far 15 research projects Dr. Tiso supervised 13 PhD students, two PostDocs and three research associates. Dr. Tiso is author or co-author of 30 publications. In addition, he is the first author of three book chapters. Dr. Tiso is also co-author of two patents. Furthermore, he has prepared contributions in the form of posters and talks (four, two of which were invited) for numerous conferences.

In the various projects, Dr. Tiso has initiated and maintained national and international cooperations. Partners include international research groups in Dublin (Ireland) (Kevin O'Connor at UCD), Daejeon in South Korea (Sang-Yup Lee at KAIST), Laval in Canada (Eric Déziel at INRS), Rio Claro in Brazil (Jonas Contiero at UNESP), Madrid in Spain (Auxiliadora Prieto at CSIC), London in England (Patrik Jones at Imperial College) and numerous national partners at various universities in Germany (RWTH Aachen, Ulm University, Bonn University, HHU Düsseldorf, WWU Münster, Hohenheim University and others). In two cases these contacts resulted in opportunities for Dr. Tiso to spend several months in the laboratories of the respective partners (Imperial College London and CSIC Madrid). Among the cooperation partners with whom Dr. Tiso has worked more closely are also industrial contacts. These include SOPREMA (Strasbourg, France) (plastics production), BIOPLASTECH (Dublin, Ireland) (biotech company producing PHA), Evonik (Essen, Germany) (chemical, biotech company) and FRINGS (Rheinbach, Germany) (fermenter and fermentation equipment manufacturer).


Publication list


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*) These authors contributed equally.

+) Corresponding author(s)