Studierende am iAMB



Name Email Lab
Selina Granderath-Miegel Blank
Friedrich Moritz Brandt Blank
Sarah Petrescu Dita Singer Blank
Lucas Greven Blank
Isabel Schmidt Blank
Hannah Czech Blank
Michelle Lukasik Blank



Name Email Lab Betreuer Project
Alin Grankin Lauterbach Paul Cordero Engineering a chimeric F420-dependent hydrogenase towards oxygen tolerance for cofactor recycling

Fabian Flemig Lauterbach Paul Cordero Switching the cofactor specificity of the Cupriavidus necator soluble hydrogenase from NADH to NADPH
Marie Lipa Blank Tobias Karmainski GlycoX
Greta Kleinert Blank Gina Welsing MIX-UP/ Construction of mixed microbial cultures for biopolymer production
Henry Heydthausen Blank Birger Wolter MIX-UP / Microbial PET degradation
Anna Luca Ida Hampe

Blank Carina Michel / Melanie Filbig Implementing Acetate as carbon source in a bioprocess for the heterologous production of HAAs using Pseudomonas putida
Lisa Mockel Blank Frederik Völker / Hendrik Mengers BioLabSim
Fabian Speen Blank Carolin Grütering FSC
Sebastian Schmitz Blank Martin Zimmermann Mikrobieller Metabolismus von Weinsäure
Benjamin Kösters Blank Simone Schmitz Metafor
Karen Brunsbach Lauterbach Elisabeth Lettau / Praveen Singh Optimierung der SH-Aktivität in E. coli
Michelle Lukasik Blank Denise Bachmann ParaCoquette
Elena Recker Blank Henric Hintzen MIPLACE
Anna Maria Haut Blank Katrin Wefelmeier Metafor: Engineering lactate transport in Ogataea polymorpha
Gereon Schröder Blank Marie Dielentheis-Frenken Investigation and modification of the liamocin biosynthesis pathway in Aureobasidium pullulans using CRISPR/Cas9
Mike Petry Blank Jana Fees MeY4bioPP


Name Email Lab Betreuer*in Projekt
Lara Krott Blank Hendrik Mengers Verbesserung Hefe-Acetaldehydproduktion
Clara von der Haar Blank Hendrik Ballerstedt Biodegradation of trioxane and various ether compounds by activated sludge enrichments and bacterial isolates
Mara Dauber Blank Katrin Wefelmeier METAFOR
Matthias Monissen Lauterbach Gui Yeoul Lim (Kyu) Characterisation of chimeric methanol dehydrogenase for utilisation within biological fuel cells
Roberto Michale Zarazua Navarro Blank Roy Eerlings Establishing a microbial chassis for ginsenoside production