Studierende am iAMB



Name Email Lab
Selina Granderath-Miegel Blank
Friedrich Moritz Brandt Blank
Sarah Petrescu Dita Singer Blank
Lucas Greven Blank
Isabel Schmidt Blank
Hannah Czech Blank
Michelle Lukasik Blank

Fanny Ahmann


Laurin Poro

Lisa Wang Blank


Master Studierende

Name Email Lab Betreuer Project
Fatih Keser

Blank Andrea Germer Genome engineering of yeast
Alina Grankin Lauterbach Paul Cordero Engineering a chimeric F420-dependent hydrogenase towards oxygen tolerance for cofactor recycling
Marie Lipa Blank Tobias Karmainski GlycoX
Greta Kleinert Blank Gina Welsing MIX-UP/ Construction of mixed microbial cultures for biopolymer production
Gereon Schröder Blank Marie Dielentheis-Frenken Investigation and modification of the liamocin biosynthesis pathway in Aureobasidium pullulans using CRISPR/Cas9
Mike Petry Blank Jana Fees MeY4bioPP
Alina Frank

Blank Marie Dielentheis-Frenken

ViRIDi Aurum: Engineering Aureobasidium pullulans for the synthesis of novel molecules

Rebecca Breit Blank Carolin Grütering FSC

Bachelor Studierende

Name Email Lab Betreuer*in Projekt
Roberto Michale Zarazua Navarro Blank Roy Eerlings Establishing a microbial chassis for ginsenoside production
Ailin Österlein Kück Blank Alexander Deitert ProPhos: Media characterization and adaptive laboratory evolution (ALE) for enhanced polyP production with S. cerevisiae
Paula Teucher Blank Marielle Driller AureoFACTory: Aromatics as substrate for Aureobasidium: Growth on lignin-derived monomers and terephtalate metabolisation by genome editing
Anna Mertens Blank Jana Fees & Alexander Deitert Deletion of the polyphosphatase Ddp1 in S. cerevisiae and development of a fluorescence based screening method for polyP detection
Ryan Pratama Muljono Blank Tobias Alter & Samira van den Bogaard Development and application of a protein allocation model for Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Mirah Arab Blank An N. T. Phan UPRePP - Improve malic acid production in Ustilago trichophora
Lennart Brans Blank Jana Fees MeY4bioPP - Overexpression of Pho90 transporter for enhanced polyP production in S. cerevisiae
Laura Breuer Blank Carina Michel FSC - Developing fermentation strategies for HAA production using acetate as carbon source
Johanna Müller Blank Frederik Völker BacSAP - Reorganisation des Zentralkohlenstoffmetabolismus in B. subtilis 168
Daria Kwiecinska Blank Samira van den Bogaard Calibrating a proteome-constrained model with predicted kcats
Martha Hempel Blank Carina Michel

Developing cultivation methods for the valorization of ethanol as carbon source

Niklas Nickel Blank Frederick Haala ViRIDi Aurum