Students at the iAMB



Name Email Lab Tasks
Annika Lenic Rosenbaum Annika supports Juan in his research.
Jan Weckauf Blank Jan supports Till in the P4SB research project.
Katja Schröder Blank Katja supports Till in his research projects.
Nadine Klusmeier Blank Nadine supports Martin Zimmermann in the Microbiology Lab for Teachers Students (Lehramtspraktikum).
Sven Kratel Blank Sven provides technical support to our Institute electrician
Svenja Meyer Blank Svenja supports Johanna and Hamed in their research.
Tobias Reinicke Schirawski Tobias supports Nisha in her research.
Tobias Schwanemann Blank Tobias supports Sandra in her research.
Viviane Schink viviane.schink@rwth-aachend.e Blank Recombinant HAA synthesis (Till Tiso)


Bachelor Students

Name Email Lab Supervisor Project
Alejandro Sanchez Blank Hamed Tehrani, Johanna Becker The establishment of a novel molecular fluorescent pH sensor in the fungus Ustilago maydis (TTRAFFIC Project)
Gerolamo Rota Blank An Phan Strain improvement strategies to improve malic acid production in Ustilago trichophora
Joel Kieffer Blank Andrea Germer Joel supports Andrea in her research.
Nicole Tabaka Schirawski Interaction of S. reilianum effectors and plant proteins in maize
Nora Junker Blank Till Tiso PHB synthesis using recombinant bacteria


Master Students

Name Email Lab Supervisor Project
Annika Lenic Rosenbaum Valeria Agostino Electrophysiology of the cathodically active microorganism D. orientis
Brigida Fabry Schirawski Expression of S. reilianum effectors in Sorghum
Felix Dicks Blank Sandra Schulte Expression of a recombinant protein in Pichia pastoris
Florian Heinrichs Blank Maike Otto Metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas for the production of pinosylvin
Jacqueline Plaster Blank Wing-Jin Li Adipic acid metabolism in Pseudomonas putida KT2440
Jens Gierhake Blank Till Tiso Jens is supporting Till in his research projects.
Loana Epping Blank Birgitta Ebert Loana analyzes the interaction of a synthetic microbial consortium.
Marc Weiske Blank Birgitta Ebert Analysis of the volatile metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Mario Keutgen Blank Andrea Germer Mario supports Andrea in her research.
Sarah Preckel Blank Benedikt Wynands Sarah supports Benedikt in his research.
Sascha Dickmeis Schirawski Functional analysis of Vag2 of Sporisorium reilianum
Tim Langhorst Blank Dieter Weber, Ulf Liebal Optimization of Metabolomics for INST-MFA in O. polymorpha