Students at the iAMB


Research Assistant

Name Email Lab
Tobias Jülich

Hannah Czech Blank
Elena Recker Blank


Master Students

Name Email Lab Supervisor Project
Rebecca Breit Blank Carolin Grütering

Thioesterase engineering of methyl ketone production with P. taiwanensis VLB120

Anna Maria Haut Blank Katrin Wefelmeier Metafor: Engineering lactate transport in Ogataea polymorpha
Romeo Polis Blank Carina Michel HAA Production with engineered Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains
Philipp Wirtz Blank Denise Bachmann ParaCoquette
Chiara Janssen Blank Simone Schmitz
Alessandra Mauri Blank Till Tiso MIX-UP
Daniela Brücker Blank Hendrik Mengers Yeast-based production of Acetaldehyde


Bachelor Students

Name Email Lab Supervisor Project
Marie Laufens Blank Gina Welsing MIX-UP
Axel Ihl

Blank Philipp Demling Development of a fermentation strategy for polyphosphate production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Adelina Petrova Blank Denise Bachmann ParaCoquette
Hannes Mandon Blank Andrea Germer Optimization of a protein producing Pichia pastoris strain
Tobias Jülich Blank Simone Schmitz Lactatproduktion in O. polymorpha mittels CRISPR-Cas9
Hasan Yigitoglu Blank Maximilian Surger Mitteldestillate