Middle Distillates

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DGMK projectnumber: 823

Within the DGMK project 823 the influence of different heating oil compositions on the development of microbial contamination during long-term storage is to be investigated. One focus is the supplementation with current alternative fuel components, another focus is the importance of natural heating oil components such as aromatics or heterocycles. On the one hand the situation of the heating oil tank and on the other hand the pumping process in a burner system is simulated. For screening a broad matrix of fuel oil blends various established analysis tools like CO2 sensors (estimation of microbial activity), tensiometers, metagenome analysis, HPLC and GC are available. The aim of the research project is also to develop effective avoidance strategies.


The IGF project 20840 N (DGMK 823) of the Research Association DGMK (German Scientific Society for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Coal) is funded by the AiF within the framework of the support of the "Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung" (IGF) and indirectly by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag.

You can find more information under http://dgmk.de

Involved researcher Maximilian Surger