MIPLACE (Microbial Integration of Plastics in the Circular Economy) is a multidisciplinary project that aims to transform difficult-to-degrade plastics into molecules of industrial interest. For this purpose, within the MIPLACE project microbial communities will be engineered being able to degrade plastic waste (derived from PET and PU). Further, the plastic waste will be used as feedstock to transform it into high value-added molecules. The resulting substances will be used to produce an easily degradable material of commercial interest: bio-PU.

MIPLACE has a strong focus on sustainability, as it will deliver a novel biotechnological approach to manage the recycling of a material that would have ended up as waste otherwise.

At the iAMB, we focus on the development of bacterial strains which are able to metabolize PET-monomers and subsequently synthesize bio-PU monomers.

You can find more information under https://miplacebio.com/

Partner: The project is coordinated by Imperial College London (Dr. Jose Jiménez) and brings together five partners from European countries: Imperial College London, RWTH Aachen University (Prof. Lars Blank), Leipzig University (Prof. Wolfgang Zimmermann), University of Valencia (Dr. Manuel Porcar), SOPREMA (Dr. Rémi Perrin)

Funding: This project receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Staff: Henric Hintzen