The project ParaCoquette aims to recruit a new chassis organism from the genus Paracoccus. Strains of this genus possess a big untapped metabolic potential. The typical chassis organism in biotechnology (E.coli, Aspergillus niger etc.) often came to be by chance or convenience and do not necessarily represent the best host for a given application. There is a big benefit in searching for new candidates in the natural diversity of the bacterial phylum to find better solutions to the challenges of modern biotechnology.

The genus Paracoccus encompasses more than 70 species, of which all available type strains are to be tested in regards to their usefulness in biotechnological processes. This includes the quality of growth on different substrates, the ability to withstand extreme conditions and the production of interesting products, like bioplastic of biosurfactants, as well as fine chemicals like carotenoids. At the same time, the genetics of the chosen organism will be researched and the possibility for genetic manipulation to enhance already given positive characteristics and abilities will be established. We plan to generate a newly established chassis organism, which can efficiently produce relevant components in a fermentation process at the end of this three-year long BMF funded project.

Staff: Denise Bachmann Upasana Pal