The development of processes for the utilization of renewable resources is one of the main challenges of our society. The CONCO2RDE EJD trains 11 ESRs in cutting edge research projects on (i) the combination of synthetic biology approaches with metabolic and process engineering for an adaptive laboratory evolution to create an efficient route from CO2 fixation to the production of chemicals, (ii) H2/CO2/O2-based fermentation and process intensification in order to optimize commercially relevant processes together with industry, (iii) defining a road-map for the industrial implementation of autotrophic biotransformations. The double degree program allows in-depth training in two complementary disciplines, further strengthened by a transferable skills training with strong industry participation. The objectives will be attained through a consortium of one translational institute, six universities, eight industrial partners and one cluster, providing the ideal environment to foster complementary expertise in synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, biocatalysis, process engineering and analytics. CONCO2RDE focuses on the development of genetic tools for strain manipulation, the integration of H2-driven biotransformations, new reactor concepts for H2/CO2/O2-based fermentation to reach high cell densities and a better understanding of the cell physiology under autotrophic culture conditions. CONCO2RDE's research agenda will be accompanied by a dedicated training of the ESRs as well as the dissemination of results to the scientific community and the wider public. The inter- and multidisciplinary setting offered through double degrees combined with industrial training in secondments and the training agenda will not only provide the tools and means necessary for the implementation of sustainable processes, but also prepare the next generation of researchers for the implementation of sustainable autotrophic processes in the European Biotech sector.