Research Group Kuepfer

  from left Henrik Cordes, Vanessa Baier, Christoph Thiel, Dr. Lars Kuepfer Copyright: iAMB



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In the EC FP7 program HeCaToS, the group is responsible for physiological modelling of the liver and vertical integration of computational models which partly follow different mathematical formalisms. At the organ and the organism level, physiologically-based pharmacokinetic, short PBPK modelling is used to develop detailed descriptions of the liver including for example zonation. In a complementary approach, multiscale models will be developed which consider representations of cellular networks within the context of the surrounding tissue and organism. Thus it is possible to mechanistically describe perturbations in toxic pathways in relation to drug exposure at different sites of the body. Notably, all computational models represent a highly flexible template for integration and contextualisation of experimental data from different scales of biological organisation generated by the HeCaToS project partners.