Ebert Group

  Group picture of the Ebert Group Copyright: iAMB

Research Focus

The Ebert research group focusses on the rational, model-guided engineering of microbial production strains and processes for industrial biotechnology. Towards this goal, we are following a systems-level based approach consisting of the three major steps: metabolic analysis, modeling and simulation, and strain engineering.

Metabolic Analysis.

Knowledge about the metabolic network operation and its regulation is crucial for rational strain engineering. We are developing computational and analytical analyses to monitor metabolic fluxes and to gain better understanding of the metabolism of microbial strains and the impact of introduced genetic and environmental perturbations.

Modeling and Simulation.

Based on genetic information and the insights gained from quantitative physiological and metabolic analyses, we develop computational models of microbial metabolism and apply stoichiometric modeling approaches to design metabolic engineering strategies.

Strain Engineering.

Via state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques, we delete or introduce genes or whole metabolic pathways and implement genetic regulatory circuits to accurately control and redirect metabolic fluxes towards the desired product.