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We introduce ourselves

At the Institute of Applied Microbiology (iAMB) of the RWTH Aachen University scientists work on various contributions to a circular bioeconomy. These contributions are to be seen in the context of the RWTH Aachen University goals Meeting global challenges. Here, the focus lies on the sustainable production of valuable substances from renewable carbon sources (biomass, CO2 , plastic,CH4) and the utilisation of H2 as reducing agent.

Aim of research at the iAMB is the development of efficient universal pro- and eukaryotic cell factories using systems analysis, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, and cultivation intensification. These platform organisms are then able (depending on the integrated synthesis modules) to produce fuels or industrially relevant chemicals from renewable resources or alternative carbon sources. The circular phosphate economy is also of interest to us.

The iAMB contributes to the research focus Bioeconomy of the Aachen Biology and Biotechnology – ABBt. In projects with partners from academia and industry, for instance in the Bioeconomy Science Center, BioSC, latest contributions to the scientific discussion are developed. This is very much in the spirit of the University with its vision from interdisciplinary and integrated studying and researching and gives rise to modern contents for student projects.

With its 1,500 m2 laboratories and offices, of which more than 500 m2 are S2- and 500 m2 are S1-laboratories with latest equipment, the institute allows a multitude of projects in the field of applied microbiology. The expertise is also available for bilateral projects with industrial partners, which are already being realized in the Ferm-Factory at the iAMB in context of the “Applikationszentrum für angewandte Biotechnik (APZ)”.

We would like to invite you to do research on new contributions to the envisaged circular bioeconomy with us at the iAMB.

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