iGEM: Team Aachen receives award for "Best Project" at the iGEM Benelux-Germany Mini Jamboree 2023

  A group poses on a stage Copyright: © iGEM For team Aachen at the Mini Jamboree f.l.t.r. Ragul Ravithas, Jan-Frederic Laub, Tram Bui, Thalia von Nethen, Pascal Schröder, and Franziska Lange.

This year, the team from RWTH Aachen University is competing in the iGEM Competition for the 10th time. In the run-up to the final competition in Paris, it was able to beat teams from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and won the prize for "Best Project" at the Mini Jamboree in Eindhoven. With the project "RareCycle", the Aachen team is researching sustainable, decentralised technologies for recycling rare earths from electronic waste with the help of genetically modified fungi. More information on the project can be found at 2023.igem.wiki/aachen.