Please note: Examination matters

Please direct all examination-related inquiries, expert reports, Bachelor's/Master's registration forms, and exam inquiries to Ms. Julia Schütte.

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Academic Advising

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If you have questions about your course of studies please contact your Study Advisor Biology/Biotechnology. There, Dr. Martin Zimmermann is responsible for issues regarding Biology studies and Dr. Monika Reiss looks after students who study Biotechnology.

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In the context of the degree program at RWTH we offer many lectures, seminars and laboratories to Bachelor and Master students.

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Research Topics and Theses

We offer the opportunity of writing Master or Bachelor Theses on the topic of Applied Microbiology at our institute.

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GEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition, is the largest synthetic biology community and the premiere synthetic biology competition for both university and high school level students.

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