Blank Lab

The ultimate aim of the Blank lab (Chair of Applied Microbiology) is to use microbes to the benefit of environment, society and economy. By studying the metabolism of bacteria and fungi we aim to optimize and control a wide array of applications, ranging from the production of platform chemicals to the spoilage of bio diesel.

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Our team is at your disposal to answer questions. Click on contact for opening hours.

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Schirawski Lab

We seek to understand how biotrophic fungal pathogens of plants manage to control their plant hosts, suppress plant defenses, manage to multiply and spread through the plant tissues, manage to perceive tissues suitable for spore formation and change morphology and physiology of their hosts.

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Rosenbaum Lab

The work in the Rosenbaum Lab is focused around bioelectrochemical systems and defined microbial mixed cultures. Specifically, our research interests are the investigation, understanding, and manipulation of microorganisms in electrochemical interaction with electrodes and of inter-microbial relationships in these environments.

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Here you find a listing of our former employees.

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