Joint ConCO2rde and eBiotech SPP2240 workshop on Enzyme Catalysis and Synthetic Biology at iAMB


A workshop about Enzyme Catalysis and Synthetic Biology was organized at the Institute of Applied Microbiology (iAMB), RWTH Aachen University from February 21st to 25th 2023 by the research groups of Prof. Dr. Lars Lauterbach and Prof. Dr. Lars Blank. PhD students from ConCO2rde and eBiotech SPP2240 consortia participated in the workshop, along with leading experts in the academia and industry from all over the EU who gave lectures on biocatalysis.

The workshop covered an extensive range of topics in enzyme catalysis and synthetic biology, including gas fermentation, protein discovery platforms, genetic engineering of Knallgasbacteria, biochemistry of gas-converting enzymes, bioelectrochemical methodologies, and metabolic and chassis strain engineering. By providing lectures and practical lab work, the workshop offered an opportunity for PhD students to learn from experts in the field, gain hands-on experience, and discuss current research findings. The opportunity to engage with experts and fellow researchers allowed for valuable knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking. Overall, it was an excellent avenue for students to enhance their expertise and connect with peers and professionals in the field.