New publication about 1-octene synthesis


A Combined Bio-Chemical Synthesis Route for 1-Octene Sheds Light on Rhamnolipid Structure
by Till Tiso, Daniel F. Sauer, Klaus Beckerle, Christian C. Blesken, Jun Okuda and Lars M. Blank

 Here we report a chemoenzymatic approach to synthesize 1-octene from carbohydrates via ethenolysis of rhamnolipids. Rhamnolipids synthesized by P. putida contain a double bond between carbon five and six, which is experimentally confirmed via olefin cross metathesis. Utilizing these lipids in the ethenolysis catalyzed by a Grubbs−Hoveyda-type catalyst selectively generates 1-octene and with good conversions. This study shows the potential of chemoenzymatic approaches to produce compounds for the chemical industry from renewable resources.

Keywords: ethenolysis; rhamnolipids; olefin metathesis; chemoenzymatic approach; renewables