iAMB participation in the World Cleanup Day 2021

iAMB team collects waste Copyright: © iAMB

With great enthusiasm, the iAMB participated in this year's World Cleanup Day to make an important contribution to a clean environment in a very practical way.

Last Thursday, we met in Aachen's Westpark to pick up trash – Equipped with trash grabbers and protective gloves, the team not only cleared the well-visited squares of trash, but also carefully collected off the paths. Unfortunately, we found more garbage than we had hoped for, so that in the end we collected seven yellow bags full of plastic garbage and three bags filled with residual waste.

In this context, we would like to point out once again that a responsible use of plastic materials and a sustainable disposal of waste is essential. In this way, everyone can make an important contribution to a clean environment.

Furthermore, the head of the institute Lars M. Blank did not miss the opportunity to collect trash together with his daughter on the official date of the annual World Cleanup Day, September 18th. During the waste collection, large pieces of plastic and glass bottles were found in addition to a variety of food and beverage packaging.



We would like to thank everyone who participated!